Youtube Video Application with PHP Admin Panel

Native App Using Youtube API

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Admin Panel URL :
Super Admin Login Credential :

This is the video category section where you are able to create as much category as you want for your application's video section .

Inserting video in the admin panel is very easy . Simply copy the youtube video URL from your browser and then go to this "Insert Youtube Link" part from your admin panel and then paste the link on the right section .



This Admin panel is so much powerfull that it will get video related thimbline and description from the youtube video link and save it over your database  so you don't need to think about the video thumbline over application and also description . You can also able to edit the description of the video later from admin panel edit option .

*** Remember , Don't Use "HTTPS" . Always Use "HTTP"  . Otherwise the thumbline and description will not get from youtube to your admin panel automatically .


You are always able to check feature listed video from your admin panel easily by this section .

If you want to view all of your video including category , then you can easily check it by going to this section .

Now check video title and thumbline which are getted from youtube video .

You can easily change password on the admin panel .

First of all you are getting a most functional youtube video app where you don't need to change nothing much . Below is the list which you have to cover to use this source for you to make a new project .

You have to change the project name or the application name first . Here you will know how to change it . 
click the project with mouse right click and then click refactor , it will come up with renaming it .

This is the most important part which is change the package name of application . All the application available in the google play is different with their package name . IF you dont change the package name , then it will not be uploaded on the Google Play .


You also have to change package name in Manifest too .

This is the main activity of the application , where we use the Admob Banner Advertisement in the top of the activity .


To change it you have to use your own Admob Banner Ad Unit ID in the XML .


Not only in the XML , we also have to write some code in Class file where we request ad using specified Google Admob Banner Ad Code .


Remeber we are using Google Play Service .

We are also using Banner Advertisment in the Details Video Activity of the Application . You have to follow the same procedure like the "main activity" to make this details video activity part change .

Follow Image Below :--



You are getting all the graphics files in the Res folder , under Drawable subfolder . Check the image below :-

This is the main section where we have to put the JSON URL and the Youtube API Key of our own Youtube Account from API Console .

In the PHP source your are going to get a JSON php file " getyoutubejson.php "which are giving all the video feed over your android application .

So in the "json_url" filed we have to set the link of that JSON File which must be available on the server .

and then the "youtube_api_key" , we have to get it from API Console . Follow the steps over this link where you will know how to get Youtube API Key for your project .


All Set ... cool now Build APK With Your release key and upload it on Google Play .